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"The idea of creating the ultimate guitar amplifier has always been there and Fredrik and I have talked about this collaboration for a long time," says Ola, who have built amplifiers for himself for years. Fredrik, who runs the House of Sparks innovation agency, says: "Everyday, I help other companies to innovate and it was about time to test my own process on this idea” It all resulted in Insulander Amplifications, with the goal of creating the ultimate guitar amplifier.

Insulander Amplifications a collaboration between Fredrik Heghammar and Ola Insulander.

For more than 30 years, Ola has serviced and modified music-related equipment for Sweden's music scene and is one of the few on the market with genuine knowledge of how to make electronics sound as good as possible, not only with the soldering iron but also with a guitar. In addition to his technical skills, Ola is a highly skilled guitarist with a fantastic sound. And that is is the magic sauce.

"Fredrik has an incredible track of guitar amps, as he has had the great advantage of testing the most amps on the market. Our joint experience of the industry in combination with Fredrik's communicative background allows us now take this step to get a product on the market, "says Ola.

Fredrik, a true guitar nerd, has played a guitar for over 30 years. In the early 2000, Fredrik launched a website called the Ultimate Guitar Gear together with some friends. The goal was to create a platform where guitar players could share their experience of guitar equipment that could not be found in Sweden.

"We were a little ahead of our time and worked a lot with video to demo the products, long before Youtube," Fredrik says. It all resulted in travel around the world to test and review products, not only for their own website but also for established guitar magazines.

Fredrik fills in: "When a good guitarist like Ola designs an amplifier, there is a total focus on the sound and the feel. Since the beginning of the 1990’s, Ola has been serviced more or less every amplifiers available on the market and knows all the possible downfalls. We will not make the same mistakes that others made in their constructions" says Fredrik

The Amplifier

Amps specifications:

Handmade in Sweden, perfect gig and recording 1x12” combo amp, 3 band EQ, spring-reverb and bias-tremolo, solid pine cabinet, 5881 power tubes, 12AX7 preamp tube, 1x12” Celestion Alnico Creamback 90 watt speaker.

Height: 48cm, Width: 50,5cm, Depth: 24cm

Weight: 18kg

Price: 26.900 SEK

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Click here tio listen to Fredrik talk about the amp on The Guitar Geek Podcast

Welcome to the team Andreas!


We have the great honor to present Andreas Rydman @andymcgain as an official Insulander amp player. He and the amp will be on tour this summer with Chris Kläfford @chrisklafford supporting Gyllene tider @gyllenetider.

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